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All About Lash Curling Kit contains:
1. Curling (0.5g*10pcs)
2. Fixing (0.5g*10pcs)
3. Treatment (0.5g*10pcs)
4. All About Lash Nourishing Essence (5ml)
5. All About Lash Glue
6. All About Lash Curling Equipments
- Perm Rod: 2 pairs each, 10 perm rods, 5 types of different size
- Eye Brush (10 units)
- Micro cotton swab (20 units)
- Silicon Pad (1 unit)
7. All About Lash Perm Stick


The lash lift will not damage your eyelashes
It is associated with keratin treatments and nutritious and protective oils, to deeply nourish the eyelashes. 
It is gentler than the other techniques. Even those with sensitive eyes will find what they are looking for.
Lifting makes the most of your natural eyelashes
This technique is therefore ideal for those who want an enlarged look and a natural result. The eyelashes are modeled using silicone patches applied to the mobile eyelid of the eye. Once glued to the patch, the eyelashes gradually adopt the desired curve.
The effect of the lash lift can last up to five or six weeks.


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